Digital school management system

Digital school management system

A digital school management system helps schools to manage all their records easily in a single platform in a shorter time. Everyone knows technology is advancing day by day. If we ignore technology, we will be left behind. Computer technology is important in every field. Our brilliant team has developed school management software with all the requirements of educational institutions. Our goal is to make your manual school system digitized and save time.

SoftwareLinkers provides expansive and compact school management software that solves all modern school and administration problems. It is user-friendly and easy-to-use software. It is customizable software. You can change your school name, logo, address, phone no, and notice.

  • Student registration and profile
  • Student’s academic progress
  • Exam management
  • Monthly test record
  • Test report send to parents via SMS and android notification
  • Family-based record
  • Attendance records of students and staff
  • Staff salary, advance loan, and penalty
  • Students multiple fees and penalty
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly fee record report
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly salary record report
  • Students and staff printable ID card
  • One-click ID card generation with multiple designs
  • Barcode Id card
  • Daily backup
  • Secure and reliable
  • Monthly updates
  • Biometric integration



Staff Management

Digital school management system
Digital school management system

Digital school management system

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School management system

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Online School management system

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Exam management system

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