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About Us Our Journey Launched in 2008, School Management Software provides an end-to-end offline, & cloud management solution for educational institutions. Fully lined with various other systems, our comprehensive ERP platform meets all of the educational institution’s demands via a variety of capabilities. Our ERP software also helps build strong communication and collaboration channels with teachers, students, parents, candidates, and alumni. Since its launch, 3000+ educational institutions have been using this software to manage admissions, sales, registration, timetabling, academic, learning, finance, payments, transportation, and library operations effectively. School Management Software ERP is used by most reputed educational institutes worldwide.
About Us

School Management Software
School Management Softwar

School Management Software Is A Premier Management System For Educational Institute

Educational Institute administrative problems could be hard to tackle, especially when you are doing manually. To resolve issues and save time. We have come comes up with the feature-rich school software in Pakistan offline and online that provides accuracy and perfectly manages all the administrative data for you. school management software, you can get connected with all the departments of your school and it becomes easy to exchange and share information. From teachers to students and even parents, our software provides optimal solutions to all the problems.

School Management Software Features:
School Management Software Features:

School Management Software Features:

  • Free trial of 10 Days
  • Provides administrative reports.
  • You can use it both offline and online.
  • It simplifies the process of admission tracking and document submission.
  • You can quickly access all the needed data of a student.
  • Personalized learning schedules.
  • It helps you to take student and staff attendance easily.
  • Allows teachers to collaborate with parents effortlessly.
  • Offers applications for Android and iOS devices.
  • Mobile app for communicating with parents.

School Management Software Reviews

We have been using this software for the last 5 years. School management software handling school daily routines have become a matter of a few clicks with We are pretty satisfied with it. The Educators Tahir Campus Using School Management Software for managing School matters like attendance, exam, fee, etc is a tremendous experience. Mobile app is a perfect tool for keeping in touch with parents.

I had been looking for ways to manage my school operations online but with the utmost efficiency. I finally stumbled upon “Software Linker’s” product “School Management Software“.
And thought of giving it a try. The seamless ways to record academic performance, attendance, fees, and build a timetable for students. I prefer using their software for my school”.

I strongly believed in the notion of making educational institutes smarter. The days are gone when conventional methods were used to manage academic operations for children and adults alike. Opting for “School Management Software“. helped me realize a wider spectrum of managing operations, fees, attendance, and overall collaboration of students.

School Management Software Users

School Management Software world no 1 best ERP software for educational institutes 3000 plus school colleges, universities, tuition centers, and coaching centers are used in school management software.