School Management Software

Our school management software is an ERP software and has 300+ standard tested features including bio-metric integration and SMS alerts. It is the worldwide best management school software and is mostly used in Africa and Asia. Our high-quality team knows every need of schools and colleges because every school and college is the most important part of our team. We know, that today’s technology is very difficult, but we did not ignore technology. SoftwareLinkers integrated the technology with schools and colleges. School ERP software is an interesting technology of SoftwareLinkers and has a lot of quantity of features (i.e. income and expenses management, student management, staff management, reports, SMS Alerts, Student fees invoice, Managing multiple users, and bio-metric integration). Awesome Features The various tools that comply with the school management software features facilitate all the processes of your school/college, from administrative needs to immediate alerts and track records. The top school management system software key features are as follows


  • Desktop-based fast application
  • Secure application
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Dashboard
  • Username and password protection
  • Daily auto backpack (Offline & online)
  • Multiple roles
  • Networking
  • multiple users, changeable capabilities


  • Students Management
  • Manual attendance
  • Bio-metric attendance
  • Students’ registration with full detail
  • Students search by name, roll number, class, section, etc.
  • Family detail
  • Student images upload or captured with a webcam
  • Bio-metric Verification
  • documents
  • Guardians management
  • Guardians relation
  • Driver bio-metric verification
  • Students promotion
  • ID card
  • Result card
  • Admission form
  • School leaving certificate
  • Class Routine and Periods

Academic Solution

  • Academic Solution
  • Classroom management
  • Classroom section management
  • Periods
  • Timetable
  • Holidays
  • Subjects
  • Transportation
  • Days of week


  • Bio-metric attendance of students
  • Bio-metric attendance of teachers
  • Manual attendance of Staff
  • Manual attendance of Students
  • Face recognition attendance for staff
  • Face recognition attendance for Students


  • Multiple fees
  • Manage multiple fines
  • Monthly fee
  • Discounted fee
  • Fee invoices
  • Fee collection
  • Security
  • Fee waive off
  • Commitments
  • Fee assignment (monthly, occasional, and individual)
  • Monthly fee
  • Occasional fee
  • Individual fee management
  • Change Fee for Single Student
  • Bulk fee update


  • Multiple exams
  • Grade management
  • Marks
  • Upload and Download marks in excel
  • Date sheet management
  • Result card

Staff Management

  • Staff registration
  • Bio-metric verification
  • Staff search by name, by role, etc.
  • ID Card Generation
  • Roles (Teachers, Administration, Peon, Accountant, etc.)
  • SMS Alerts

Mobile App

  • You are able to send fee reminders using a mobile app
  • Send birthday notification
  • Daily student attendance report
  • Send home work
  • Monthly test report and result card
  • Teachers able to communicate with students’ parents
  • Guardian is easy to communicate with child teacher.

Software Linkers Provide Everything You Need

The key benefit is you can save money, save lots of time & making the best of your resources. School Management Software, the comprehensive management system for all types of educational institute software meets all your school management requirements. It is best-in-class software that covers all academic & administrative management functionalities that require to drive an educational institute. Starting from admissions to regular academic activities, exam management, fee collection, and employee payroll, the Software Linkers school management system can relieve the staff and make the process hassle-free compatible

Importance Of School Management System

With the use of modern technology, our best school software worldwide removes all the hurdles that schools most commonly encounter at home. The modules and interface are designed to cater to the managerial needs that lessen the hassle and bridge the gap between parents and school management. It skillfully contributes to enhancing the quality of education. Using our school management system software You can develop an education management system according to your needs and wants. Our professional developers are aware of all the hurdles an institution faces, therefore, they build compatible and best school software worldwide that meets your demands. Parents can view their children’s daily school activities using the mobile app linked with the school management software. And you can bring more flow to your children’s educational activities by communicating with them about their children’s educational activities.

How Work Administration Module

Software for school management system School Management Software first thing to remember is preschool software for the smart board again school office software, of course, the school management system is another key point website designer Islamabad. School management system software demo notably school grading software markedly new aims for schools equally campus automation software in this case fees management system in excel. School accounting software as well as how to develop school management software in other words school management system documentation download rather than school maintenance software as requirements for the school management system. How to make of school record software android studio correspondingly primary school management system then library management software free download.

Student Management Information System

Student management is a tedious task in every institute. The ultimate aim of every institute is to enhance the performance of every student but seems impossible due to the lack of a management system. But now, with Software Linker’s up-to-date student management system you can easily track and analyze student performance, error-free work, enhance productivity, and much more.

Staff Management Module

The staff Management module helps to manage all the information about their employees along with employees’ leave and salary. With a single click, employee details can be extracted. This module keeps detailed information about staff like photographs, qualifications, and experience, any references, salary, address, contact information, marital status, and maintaining attendance details staff. This software has the facility to track and analyze the performance of staff. This software also prepares essential reports like staff details, academic performance reports, staff attendance details, and attendance registers.

student management software

student management software

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